OK, OK, I’ll stand on the chair and I’ll shout it now. I am a feminist. I’ve always been a feminist. I couldn’t not be a feminist really, having grown up in a single-parent household and attending an all-girls’ school, going on to work in a traditionally male-dominated environment. It was destiny (if you believe […]

Toughen up

I need to get tough. Thick skin, broad shoulders and almost unshakable confidence.  I need to learn to accept flaws and embrace failure.  I need to take things less personally and realise that being set up to fail is not a reflection of overall performance.  I need to be less sensitive, harder, colder. Become distanced […]

When you’re all fucking crazy

I’m in bed. I’m not sleeping – obviously. Nope, it’s 11pm on a “school night” (like that means anything any more. I run on 4 hours sleep most nights.) and I’m rocking out on the bed to some chilled drum and bass like I don’t have a care in the world. And, the best bit […]


I get funny tingle From head to my backside As you creep across the ceilingĀ  To find somewhere to hide You scuttle down the walls Don’t dare to make a sound Your teeny feet move quickly Across uneven ground You relax under the sofa A spindly leg hangs out “Oh, crap! A giant spider” I […]


I’ve not done the prompt for a while and when I saw mighty as this week’s prompt I immediately shied away. But as I laid there at not even 7 am with a three year old on my chest, having already cleaned up the piss he spread liberally across the beds (his and mine) this […]

For a friend

Dear you, Today was fucking hard, wasn’t it? In fact, no, these last few weeks have been hard as sun-dried dog shit. You’ve had everything thrown at you by your own demons, and other people’s egos have come along for the ride. Give yourself credit for breathing, for living through the dark days, for being […]

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