I messed about with the post a couple of times now, and having watched the atrocities against women unfold online – everything from being touched and spoken to inappropriately to violent crime, my suspicions became clear – not one woman I know hasn’t been subjected to this kind of behaviour from a man in her […]


OK, OK, I’ll stand on the chair and I’ll shout it now. I am a feminist. I’ve always been a feminist. I couldn’t not be a feminist really, having grown up in a single-parent household and attending an all-girls’ school, going on to work in a traditionally male-dominated environment. It was destiny (if you believe […]

What I’m writing – Trying to make a change

It was definitely an interesting summer. I wouldn’t say good as such. Nothing got written, words were not forthcoming. Life just carried on without a thought about being an author, or a writer, or anything much really. It just kind of carried on. In the middle of August, our big ginger tom (called Thomas) got […]

Toughen up

I need to get tough. Thick skin, broad shoulders and almost unshakable confidence.  I need to learn to accept flaws and embrace failure.  I need to take things less personally and realise that being set up to fail is not a reflection of overall performance.  I need to be less sensitive, harder, colder. Become distanced […]

What I’m writing – when it doesn’t work out

I’ve fallen in love. Again. Not music, nor a person (thank goodness), nor a cat (much to He-Who-Shouts-while-playing-Unreal-Tournament’s delight), but with a mug this time. Yep. A mug Read it. Take it in. Breathe in the reality and depth of those words… printed on A FUCKING MUG. So that’s my new thing – Living the […]

What I’m writing – old and new

I posted a while back about the follies of using real people as inspiration in stories. Well, guess what? I didn’t heed my own warnings. I spent some time indulging in “what ifs” and whys and hows and, sometimes, whos and, well… Let’s just say some of the results weren’t pretty. For the last few […]