The Tech Effect

I’m totally in love with tech and gadgetry. My house is full of the stuff we have accumulated over the years. I even have a gadget wishlist. Technology has changed the way we communicate with one another, and it’s not really until you think about the past that you realise that this is the case. […]

What I’m writing – No plot, no plan, just us.

A NaNoWriMo wordcount. This post couldn’t have been about anything else really, could it? Last week, I was struggling with what to write. I had three ideas: – A technothriller about censorship. – The third novel in my fantasy trilogy (bear in mind the first one is unfinished and the second one isn’t even written […]

A question of length

Or does size matter? I’m talking about word counts, obviously. One of the things that came from my contribution to this week’s linky was that some people felt that they couldn’t write 50,000 words and that my word count targets were admirable. I’ve never really thought of my output as particularly high, since I spend […]


Last week, the washing machine started to make a loud noise during the spin cycle. When I say loud, I don’t mean “Oh, it squeaked a bit.” I mean it shouted out its death throes like a Shakespearian actor trying to steal the show. Then the door stopped locking and when then door doesn’t lock, […]

Sanity is a friend away.

The last couple of weeks I’ve flip-flopped between writing nothing and binge writing. I’ve hated my work and myself. It has been hard. I was nominated for the Liebster award by Olivia and I’ve been thinking about what I would write but I’ve been so wrapped up in my weird fantasy world that I’ve been […]

Enthusiasm wanes

Look, it’s day five! We’re all still excited about our new darlings and the paths they’re taking. Aren’t we? What if (like me) you’re secretly not as thrilled with everything as you thought you would be? What if real life already has its huge foot on your head ready to push you under the water? […]