A question of length

Or does size matter? I’m talking about word counts, obviously. One of the things that came from my contribution to this week’s linky was that some people felt that they couldn’t write 50,000 words and that my word count targets were admirable. I’ve never really thought of my output as particularly high, since I spend […]

Reading it back

When you finish a manuscript, that precious first draft, the feeling is one of relief. There’s the awful moment when you think “What next?” but mostly, well, mostly you’re just relieved. You put it to one side and let it cool down, you know, just to check your ideas weren’t completely shit. Then you have […]


I’ve had some time to think about pain, especially as I spent a few days bound to the sofa and dosed up on painkillers and antibiotics. My thoughts went from the different kinds of pain we feel through to thoughts about how we express and pain. I thought about pain tolerances and how these can […]

The aspiring writer and I

Before we go any further with this post, I want to make something clear: I really dislike the term “aspiring writer.” We do not aspire to write. If we have written something, we are writers. Do we really need some kind of validation of our work before we can say we are writers? I’ve spent […]


Last week, the washing machine started to make a loud noise during the spin cycle. When I say loud, I don’t mean “Oh, it squeaked a bit.” I mean it shouted out its death throes like a Shakespearian actor trying to steal the show. Then the door stopped locking and when then door doesn’t lock, […]