#theprompt – To be a novelist

My post about being a dabbler is possibly one of my favourite things I’ve written in a long time so I’m going to expand on that and jot down some things you can expect once you start putting pen to paper: Expect imposter syndrome to kick you in the face. Repeatedly. With hobnail boots on. […]

The Prompt – Nativity

When I was 6 years old, the school (the same school my daughter attends now, in fact) didn’t do a nativity for Christmas. Instead they decided to do a weird thing with elves and pixies. There may have been a Mary or Joseph at some point, but I don’t remember them. What I do remember […]

The Prompt – Smoke

It’s not like there was no screaming warning, No wisp of smoke from the dreaded fire burning. ‘I’m ill.’ I say, although without conviction. Its unlikely you’d tell anything from my diction. ‘Ok,’ he says ‘It will be a huge shame To see you go off, so if can name Some things we can do […]

The Prompt – Opposites attract

Overwhelmed by arrogance, a charmed and dashing smile, Gorgeous imperfection, shining for a mile. Energy and ambition, pushing yourself higher Leaving me below you, eternally the “trier”, Sparkling in the darkness, never a waning light, Brash in the daytime, whispers in the night, Heart beats racing faster, flushed by your attention, Proudly looking on as […]