The Prompt – mistakes

I don’t deal well with death Not yours, anyway. You were distant, Not cold, like me. I checked to make sure you were ok, ok? You weren’t. You should have said, you know? You should have said. We should have known. Dedicated to him and those with an aching heart and linked to The Prompt

The Prompt – Books

We were moved Unceremoniously, I might add With a hint of indignation. The only time we were caressed, Our binding stroked lovingly Our spines briefly caught the flick of a hand, Or a page perused. But there were no lingering looks No long lasting loves No realms released. Only the gentle ‘floop’ of closure. We […]

The Prompt – mum and dad

There’s supermum And efficient mum And power mum And working mum And stay at home mum And part time mum And domestic mum And doing her best mum And trying hard mum And lonely mum And worried mum And that weird mum And smiley mum And sad mum And dad. Written for The Prompt

The Prompt – Everything in moderation

Like it a little bit A little bit won’t hurt Everything in moderation Watch it for a minute An hour or two won’t hurt Everything in moderation Seek it out Wait for it in the dark Everything in moderation Cut it off Stop it all completely Everything in moderation. Written for The Prompt

The Prompt – Memories of Summer

Desolation fills the emptiness Where they once walked in droves Amid our brand of chaos To the path they chose Some have gone to pastures new Others are due to return We are stuck here endlessly Waiting to help them learn It’s peaceful without them here Is what we should be thinking Instead we fill […]

The Prompt – Challenging

‘You couldn’t do it.’ ‘You wouldn’t do it.’ ‘Maybe you shouldn’t do it?’ ‘I’m going to do it. I will do it. I have to do it, don’t I?’ ‘You’re no good at this.’ ‘You’ve never been good at this.’ ‘You won’t ever be good at this.’ ‘Oh, I won’t do it. I should never […]