I messed about with the post a couple of times now, and having watched the atrocities against women unfold online – everything from being touched and spoken to inappropriately to violent crime, my suspicions became clear – not one woman I know hasn’t been subjected to this kind of behaviour from a man in her […]


OK, OK, I’ll stand on the chair and I’ll shout it now. I am a feminist. I’ve always been a feminist. I couldn’t not be a feminist really, having grown up in a single-parent household and attending an all-girls’ school, going on to work in a traditionally male-dominated environment. It was destiny (if you believe […]

Toughen up

I need to get tough. Thick skin, broad shoulders and almost unshakable confidence.  I need to learn to accept flaws and embrace failure.  I need to take things less personally and realise that being set up to fail is not a reflection of overall performance.  I need to be less sensitive, harder, colder. Become distanced […]

What I’m writing – old and new

I posted a while back about the follies of using real people as inspiration in stories. Well, guess what? I didn’t heed my own warnings. I spent some time indulging in “what ifs” and whys and hows and, sometimes, whos and, well… Let’s just say some of the results weren’t pretty. For the last few […]

The horror

There’s a pinboard on his wall Where he collects pictures of them all He smiles when he sees those faces And considers all the normal places He can use to hide those thoughts And twist the truths like he was taught.  He doesn’t kill with stabs and cuts Or strangle, maim or murder but He […]


Tonight I am sad and a little bit mad. I have been quite bad with focus. So now I’ll procrastinate and try not to agitate the things that will activate distraction. I’ll write a shit poem and, fuck it, that’ll show them I’m not that broken really. And then I’ll watch telly and scratch my […]

Are you there, hope?

Every parent took a deep breath Collectively shocked by your death Shaken by the things we saw You could have had so much more Instead you laid motionless A test for the rest of us We couldn’t save you, little one Your memory burned into the sand by the sun Dangerous emotions threaten to engulf […]