What I’m writing – Oh, shiny!

Last week was not productive at all. The past couple of weeks have been like this mainly because things in my real life took a bit of a winding twist due to my “Say Yes to Stupid Shit” mantra. I did manage to spew out exactly 4000 words on Saturday night using my Bluetooth keyboard […]

What I’m writing – Eating custard creams

Maddy is hosting this week, so you’ll need to go over there to link up. If you want to chat about biscuits though, stay here. I am a biscuitoholic. I love them. Packets of them, gobfuls, dunked in sweet tea. I will consume vast amounts if I’m sad, happy, angry, relaxed… I’m not to be […]

What I’m writing – Plans

This is the last link up for 2014. Maddy is running it with her awesome skills, so visit her blog if you’d like to take part. It’s resolution time, isn’t it? That’s what happens this time of the year – you start to think that next year things will change. Your life will be better. […]

What I’m writing – Musically nostalgic

First of all, Maddy is hosting this week over on her blog so if you’re looking to link up, pop over there. She’s also doing some clever things with limericks, but she may ask you to provide the illustrations. (Consider yourself warned.) Me? I’m still working on my NaNoWriMo novel. It’s going surprisingly well, considering […]

What I’m writing – Prickly publishing

Maddy is hosting this week, so if you’re here to do the linky thing, leap on over to her blog. I’ll begin with a confession. I’ve had a huge confidence crisis. This has encompassed everything. My work, my writing, my life, my face. All of it. I’ve felt a bit like I’m drowning in a […]

What I’m Writing – Learning to read

This week it’s Maddy’s turn to host again, so if you’re looking to link up your own fab stuff, head over to writing bubble where she’ll be doing all of the hard work and generally being fantastic. Means I get to laze here. And laze is what I’ve done. For The Prompt last Friday we […]

A question of length

Or does size matter? I’m talking about word counts, obviously. One of the things that came from my contribution to this week’s linky was that some people felt that they couldn’t write 50,000 words and that my word count targets were admirable. I’ve never really thought of my output as particularly high, since I spend […]

Reading it back

When you finish a manuscript, that precious first draft, the feeling is one of relief. There’s the awful moment when you think “What next?” but mostly, well, mostly you’re just relieved. You put it to one side and let it cool down, you know, just to check your ideas weren’t completely shit. Then you have […]