What I’m writing – wordcounts

A daily word count might not be important to some writers. Just the act of sitting down to write with life trying to steam roller you is sometimes an achievement in itself. I’m driven by word counts. This is why nanowrimo pushes me. My word counts are inconsistent though, which means I was almost certainly […]

What I’m writing – Ready

One of the things I used to get all the time when I spoke about my first draft fetish was “I would love to write a novel. I have this idea…” That’s great. I mean that’s really great. An idea is the starting point for a novel. Without an idea, you’re screwed. You gotta have […]

What I’m writing – Getting back to it

I am NOT doing Camp NaNoWriMo. There. I said it. Not doing it. It does mean I have all this free April-time though. What I’ve learned is that I now have time to go back and revisit some of the stuff I haven’t finished. One of the most prominent pieces I haven’t finished is my […]

What I’m writing – the non-nano

Tomorrow sees the first of a month I would normally be excited about. That’s right – it’s Camp Nano time again. Only this time, they’re going to have to go ahead without me. Earlier this year I volunteered myself to do the 100k in 100 days challenge. I committed myself, despite knowing that my writing […]

What I’m (not) writing – All of the above

I have excuses. A lot of excuses. I’ve been absent from the blog, from other blogs, from my characters and the whole writerly part of my life really. The change in my work life squashed some of the creativity I had for a while and even though it sounds like a really negative thing, it […]

What I’m writing – choose your words carefully

I’ve been left high and dry by the muse who used to provide me with an abundance of ideas. *narrows eyes and raises eyebrow.* This week I have mostly been writing emails. To people at work. About work things. What I didn’t realise before (and perhaps should have considered before my ” Say Yes to […]

What I’m writing – Just write

You’ve sat down at your computer. You’ve done all that finger clicky bullshit people do on the TV when they’re about to do something creative (do you do that? Really? You know it’s not good for you, right?) You’ve got your coffee, cleaned the kitchen, hoovered the whole house, petted the cat until it has […]

What I’m writing – An interview with Michelle Betham

As part of my attempt to read more books, I finally got round to reading Striker by Michelle Betham. Now, if you’re a regular here (or happen to know me at all), you’ll know that I love a bit of twisted romance. Michelle’s book (the first of a trilogy) certainly delivers. It’s got sexy footballers, […]

What I’m writing – Time

This week I’ve been taking a lot of time out. The last two nights have been lost to Minecraft – my way of switching off. My productivity has had less burst, but I still seem to be way ahead of the targets for 100k in 100 days. It feels a bit counterintertuitive to write in […]