OK, OK, I’ll stand on the chair and I’ll shout it now.

I am a feminist.

I’ve always been a feminist. I couldn’t not be a feminist really, having grown up in a single-parent household and attending an all-girls’ school, going on to work in a traditionally male-dominated environment.

It was destiny (if you believe in all of that.)

So what does this mean? Why is it important that I announce that I am a feminist?

You know what, I’m not sure. I do know that the last few months have been filled with feminist writing which has never made it to the blog. I do know that I want to write about more feminist themes in my fiction; more opinion, more highlighting of the inequalities we accept every day, more vocalisation of the struggles we overcome. Before, my main characters took control of their sexuality, now I want to write about them taking control of their lives, owning everything they do and doing it fucking well.

I’m not about discounting men, or thinking that it’s OUR TURN and we need to put men below us to even the score or anything like that (and believe me, when I didn’t really understand what feminism was, I thought that this was what feminists do.) I’m about highlighting the fact that what we do matters; that we can be just as influential as men and that we need to rise up above the things we have been taught by society and SEE it.

Because I think most of all, feminism is about making people believe in themselves. It’s about giving confidence to people who have been taught that we have to be prim and proper or not eat in public (who the fuck thought that rule was a good idea?), or we have to be “ladylike”. It’s about giving a voice, multiple voices, to those who have been abused or discriminated against. It’s about creating love and safety.

So, yes.

I am a feminist.

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  1. Right there with you. Feminism can get a bad press when in fact all right-thinking people are natural feminists – like, ‘do you think men and women should have equal rights and opportunities?” Yes? You’re inherently a feminist. How you act on that inherent feminism is another thing and it feels more and more important these days that we do speak up and stand together. Especially now. xx

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