The Prompt – age

Our own secret language
Spoken in tongues of anecdotage.
With a love above average
We try to discourage
The incoming baggage.
We’re linked together with bondage
Cut off an appendage
To continue our breakage
Now we’re damage

Written for The Prompt


10 thoughts on “The Prompt – age

        1. I hope so. I’m at around 33k now, so it’s going quite well. I’m not really that worried about whether this is publishable material as I’m feeling less and less inclined to go in that direction (what other direction is there?). Life, huh? x

          1. I think you’re selling yourself short if you don’t. 33k is amazing! Can’t even imagine writing that much in less than three weeks!! Keep up the fab work lovely xxx

  1. I’ve been reading your posts this last week, just haven’t managed to comment as I’ve been away and it’s all been a bit chaotic (when isn’t it?!). Thinking of you xx
    Love the poem, as always, this one has such a wonderful beat to it with the hard sound at the end of each line, gives it a sense of frustration… Hugs lovely, and thanks so much for linking up to #ThePrompt I’m touched that you have made the time to x

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