The Prompt – Opposites attract

Overwhelmed by arrogance, a charmed and dashing smile,
Gorgeous imperfection, shining for a mile.
Energy and ambition, pushing yourself higher
Leaving me below you, eternally the “trier”,

Sparkling in the darkness, never a waning light,
Brash in the daytime, whispers in the night,
Heart beats racing faster, flushed by your attention,
Proudly looking on as you make your great ascension.

Waiting on the cold hard ground, lips sealed in silence,
while you call out to the world, gaining polished vibrance
My confidence is waning, ebbing ever lower,
you’re just getting started, I am growing slower.

Divided soulbound hearts, tied firmly together,
Tough minds deny the truth, apart we’ll stay forever,
You up at the top, becoming more exalted,
me here underneath, emotionally halted.

Written for The Prompt


6 thoughts on “The Prompt – Opposites attract

  1. Another emotionally charged piece, as Lisa says, with a sheen of sadness. Love the line ‘Gorgeous imperfection, shining for a mile.’. And, I really love that you are able to rhyme without it sounding contrived, the rhymes all work, but are never obvious, if that makes any sense! I always find myself reading and re-reading your poems. Thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

    1. I don’t mean to write poetry when I start out but it just kind of comes (after a load of edits!) Thank you for your comments and for putting so much work into the linky every week x

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