Prose for Thought – Mental Health


The demons aren’t a problem
If you know how to stop them.
If only it were that simple and easy,
To get up each day and want to please me.
“Get in the seat and drive
Learn how to feel alive”
Helpful advice from those on the side
Those that don’t feel dead on the inside.
The unrelenting wash of abuse
From a victim who gives an excuse
Of being you, hiding the truth
Of your worth
Under a dirth
Of bullshit

Written for #prose4t

Prose for Thought

8 thoughts on “Prose for Thought – Mental Health

  1. Hi! So I’m in speech and I wanted to use this prose as a piece in my program on the stigma of mental illness and I was wondering if that’s okay? I would need to use your name for publication reasons. Thanks for your time! 🙂

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