Prose for Thought – Day 3

Not too great,
accepted a fate,
belly not good
can’t eat food
have a funny feeling
rising to the ceiling
raving in the kitchen
this music has me itching
massive adrenaline rush
feel emotionally crushed,
prickles on my neck
scared, can sense panic
drop to the floor,
can’t take any more
never had this before
not even on week four.
Hiding behind glass
viewing things from my past
surreal eats me
time beats me
can’t stop speaking
still can’t do eating
on an unstoppable trip
stop the sinking ship
evening comes quickly
feeling rather guilty
drama surrounds me
about day three.

Written for #prose4t

8 thoughts on “Prose for Thought – Day 3

  1. Yikes, that didn’t sound pleasant. An alternative title might be ‘The Unwelcome Trip’?! Poor you. But it brought a great opp for some poetry though – you can’t but help write from the heart after an experience like this I imagine. And you were very honest. That’s not easy. Well done you. Sx

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