Prose for thought – The internet poem


What did we do
before the internet
provided us with rhymes
for that irritating couplet?

How did we write
such beautiful prose
without the web
helping us through woes?

Why shouldn’t we use
such a rich resource
of words and insight,
to aid our discourse?

When will we see
that the muse will arrive
regardless of bandwidth
and keep creativity alive?

Who will know
about our talent
unless we press publish
and show the planet?

Written for #prose4t

Prose for Thought

8 thoughts on “Prose for thought – The internet poem

    1. When I’m writing poems I always have a rhyming page open and a thesaurus. I don’t know what I would do without it. It’s definitely a great thing to have in our tool kits xx

    1. I don’t think I’ve used a thesaurus for a while but I do have the Oxford book of euphemisms that I get out every now and again.

    1. Thank you. There was heavy use of all internet available dictionaries here, thus proving the point. Love rhyming dictionaries. X

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