Prose for Thought – Sertraline

With these pills you will probably get:
disorientation, much more sweat,
Nausea, sickness, diarrhoea,
But soon you’ll be filled with drugged-up cheer.

You might well experience sexual dysfunction
But you’re depressed so you’ll have no compunction,
Fainting, lightheadedness, low sodium levels
You’ll be ok, though, just a bit dishevelled

Your muscles might contract without help from you
Oh, you’ll experience changes trying to poo
Shaking, haemoraging, things “down there”
You’ll be so off your face that you won’t care.

You may get worse, lower still,
(Remember to take your little pill!)
Seizures, nightmares, hallucinations,
Nasty things conjured in a doped imagination.

There is a small chance you’ll fall into a coma,
That’s ok, right, coz these people know you’re
On drugs to make you feel slightly well.
They won’t know about side-effect hell.

Written for #prose4t

Prose for Thought

12 thoughts on “Prose for Thought – Sertraline

  1. This is excellent. Terrifying although also amusing (If that’s not too flippant a thing to say!) I remember the first time I took the contraceptive pill the side effects warned me of ‘sudden deafness’. Seemed totally random. These sound much more scary though. Hope you are ok. xxx

    1. Not flippant. It’s supposed to be tongue-in-cheek to a point. These pills are used to treat anxiety disorder, but the side-effects are anxiety inducing. Sudden deafness – haha! Awesome. Not so much if you get it though.
      Can’t start them until the weekend as need to be able to drive and look after kids and I know this type of drug makes me borderline for those things. Starting at the weekend, so expect some weird shit. Xx

    1. Thank you. Will find out when I start at the weekend. Kinda scared, but if it helps, then that’s ok. I guess. Maybe? 🙁 x

  2. One of the few I haven’t been prescribed! Hard to take side effect notes seriously some days when my my sedatives say “may cause drowsiness”…I flipping hope so! 😉 Great poem, take care x

    1. Haha. Does it say that on the sedatives?
      This is the only one I haven’t had before either. I’ve had problems with others. Sertraline is supposed to be the most highly tolerated, although I’ve heard stories of it being ineffective and then having to move to citalopram (which definitely does not agree with me).
      Thanks for commenting. It’s good to know I’m not the only one looking at these things thinking “wtf?!” X

  3. It’s obviously a very serious subject but this made me laugh. I love the way you’ve used humour to address something so serious. It’s thought provoking. #prose4t

  4. I wonder how sertraline worked for you. I was on citalopram for years, then went off cold turkey when I was pregnant. That didn’t end up very well and I’ve been on sertraline since about halfway through my pregnancy. They work pretty well for me.

    1. Had to give up on meds completely as they mess me up. Back to talking therapies and managing alone. I’m fairly stable day-to-day but have rather deep crashes once a year or so.

      1. Other medications never worked for me, but the SSRI’s seem to be a good fit, luckily. I now deal with PTSD on top of the rest, so it’s interesting, but I’m doing pretty well these days.

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