Keeping journals

Last week in her post for Wonderful World of Writing, Carol spoke about paper and doodling and it made me think. I don’t doodle enough. What’s even worse though is that paper has taken a back seat to my computers. And this is bad. I’ve been keeping paper journals since I was about 15. Within […]

The romanticism of depression

Suffering from insomnia is never fun. I still haven’t found the answers to all the “biggies”: Why are we here? Where do we come from? God? Most nights I’m not thinking about questions though, I’m thinking about people. Extraordinary people who can’t see that they are extraordinary because they have depression. And anyone can get […]

What makes you happy?

I have been tagged by Beth (I think it’s because she knows I’m a miserable moo) so I’m going prove I do happy even though happy is such a vague word and such a transient state of mind. Still, if someone consistently makes you feel happiness, then they must make you happy, so I shall […]