The Prompt – Opposites attract

Overwhelmed by arrogance, a charmed and dashing smile, Gorgeous imperfection, shining for a mile. Energy and ambition, pushing yourself higher Leaving me below you, eternally the “trier”, Sparkling in the darkness, never a waning light, Brash in the daytime, whispers in the night, Heart beats racing faster, flushed by your attention, Proudly looking on as […]

Prose for Thought – Deflated

When interrogated We delicately skated Around the problem, elated we had so clearly stated and hadn’t deliberated about what we’d annotated We continued unabated Emotions undulated Pupils are dilated Heartbeats regulated Passions went unsated we thought it was sedated You say it’s overrated I say you’re understated It’s so unrelated And I am just deflated […]

The Prompt – Everything in moderation

Like it a little bit A little bit won’t hurt Everything in moderation Watch it for a minute An hour or two won’t hurt Everything in moderation Seek it out Wait for it in the dark Everything in moderation Cut it off Stop it all completely Everything in moderation. Written for The Prompt