The Prompt – Nativity

When I was 6 years old, the school (the same school my daughter attends now, in fact) didn’t do a nativity for Christmas. Instead they decided to do a weird thing with elves and pixies. There may have been a Mary or Joseph at some point, but I don’t remember them. What I do remember […]


My lovely friend Aimee Horton has conquered her own fears and started a series of vlogs. The genius lies in the fact that these are about confidence. Writers are complicated creatures. We have every faith in ourselves to be able to write that next bestseller and yet we lack the confidence to begin. And then […]

Reading it back

When you finish a manuscript, that precious first draft, the feeling is one of relief. There’s the awful moment when you think “What next?” but mostly, well, mostly you’re just relieved. You put it to one side and let it cool down, you know, just to check your ideas weren’t completely shit. Then you have […]

The aspiring writer and I

Before we go any further with this post, I want to make something clear: I really dislike the term “aspiring writer.” We do not aspire to write. If we have written something, we are writers. Do we really need some kind of validation of our work before we can say we are writers? I’ve spent […]