What I’m writing – Trying to make a change

It was definitely an interesting summer. I wouldn’t say good as such. Nothing got written, words were not forthcoming. Life just carried on without a thought about being an author, or a writer, or anything much really. It just kind of carried on. In the middle of August, our big ginger tom (called Thomas) got […]

What I’m writing – Ready

One of the things I used to get all the time when I spoke about my first draft fetish was “I would love to write a novel. I have this idea…” That’s great. I mean that’s really great. An idea is the starting point for a novel. Without an idea, you’re screwed. You gotta have […]

What I’m writing – Prickly publishing

Maddy is hosting this week, so if you’re here to do the linky thing, leap on over to her blog. I’ll begin with a confession. I’ve had a huge confidence crisis. This has encompassed everything. My work, my writing, my life, my face. All of it. I’ve felt a bit like I’m drowning in a […]

Editing makes me drink all of the tea

Editing began properly on the accidentally edited novel. It has not been a painless process. Here are five things I’ve learned about editing my own work. 1. I have no idea how to start a novel. When I begin a first draft I chuck words on the page and hope for the best. I generally […]

What I’m Writing: Not the End

What happened this week, huh? A sort of impressive wordcount and NOT writing The End on a manuscript I hoped to be able to put to one side. It seems the characters have more to say and more things to do so I’m still chipping away at it. With this week being Freshers’ week and […]