What I’m writing – To call myself an author

I think of the people around me as authors but the kicker is that in my head, I am not an author. I am a dabbler, a drafter, a scrawler. What I do is so far removed from what real authors do its, well, it’s unreal. Until I can say I have acheieved something with […]

What I’m writing – wordcounts

A daily word count might not be important to some writers. Just the act of sitting down to write with life trying to steam roller you is sometimes an achievement in itself. I’m driven by word counts. This is why nanowrimo pushes me. My word counts are inconsistent though, which means I was almost certainly […]

What I’m writing – Just write

You’ve sat down at your computer. You’ve done all that finger clicky bullshit people do on the TV when they’re about to do something creative (do you do that? Really? You know it’s not good for you, right?) You’ve got your coffee, cleaned the kitchen, hoovered the whole house, petted the cat until it has […]

What I’m writing – Eating custard creams

Maddy is hosting this week, so you’ll need to go over there to link up. If you want to chat about biscuits though, stay here. I am a biscuitoholic. I love them. Packets of them, gobfuls, dunked in sweet tea. I will consume vast amounts if I’m sad, happy, angry, relaxed… I’m not to be […]

What I’m writing – Time

This week I’ve been taking a lot of time out. The last two nights have been lost to Minecraft – my way of switching off. My productivity has had less burst, but I still seem to be way ahead of the targets for 100k in 100 days. It feels a bit counterintertuitive to write in […]

What I’m writing – Plans

This is the last link up for 2014. Maddy is running it with her awesome skills, so visit her blog if you’d like to take part. It’s resolution time, isn’t it? That’s what happens this time of the year – you start to think that next year things will change. Your life will be better. […]

Keep breathing

That’s the key. Just keep breathing. It’s the same – this writing thing and the whole depression thing.  I have to keep breathing. Get through the next day, get through the next hour, get through the next few hundred words. Day 11 of NaNoWriMo is my least favourite day.  It’s the day where I realise […]

Being discouraged

This is something I’ve been thinking about over the weekend, specifically after there have been a few instances of “nope, this writing thing? That’s not something you can do. You’re not thinking the right way etc etc.” Completely coincidentally, an article about dream quashing appeared in my timeline which was quickly followed by a contentious […]

What I’m Writing: Not the End

What happened this week, huh? A sort of impressive wordcount and NOT writing The End on a manuscript I hoped to be able to put to one side. It seems the characters have more to say and more things to do so I’m still chipping away at it. With this week being Freshers’ week and […]