What I’m writing – No plot, no plan, just us.

A NaNoWriMo wordcount. This post couldn’t have been about anything else really, could it? Last week, I was struggling with what to write. I had three ideas: – A technothriller about censorship. – The third novel in my fantasy trilogy (bear in mind the first one is unfinished and the second one isn’t even written […]

Every swear helps

I had a particularly rubbish day last week. I cried and I don’t generally do crying. Then I remembered the art of swearing. I have read that swearing is linked to intelligence. It’s been suggested that people swear because they cannot stretch their brains to the capacity needed to express their emotions accurately. Bullpoop. I […]

What I’m Writing: Missing a goal

I can’t believe our linky is finally live after a month of planning. While Maddy is hosting this week, I get to gush about all the hard work she’s done. What a week! Maddy finalised the badge design and worked in some words to point people in the right direction. We tweeted like mad while […]