What I’m writing – ResuRection

PPK’s song, ResuRection, was in the charts when I was in my late teens/early twenties (don’t go looking up the year) and I was going through a tough time. I was trying to get my head around what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, as well as simultaneously trying to end […]

What I’m writing – the non-nano

Tomorrow sees the first of a month I would normally be excited about. That’s right – it’s Camp Nano time again. Only this time, they’re going to have to go ahead without me. Earlier this year I volunteered myself to do the 100k in 100 days challenge. I committed myself, despite knowing that my writing […]

What I’m writing – Time

This week I’ve been taking a lot of time out. The last two nights have been lost to Minecraft – my way of switching off. My productivity has had less burst, but I still seem to be way ahead of the targets for 100k in 100 days. It feels a bit counterintertuitive to write in […]

What I’m writing – being back

Boogey boogey. OH HELLO, looking GOOD there, self-confidence. Self-doubt, glad to see you’re back in your cage. Nice to see you again, self-worth. *Pats teeny-tiny suicidal thoughts on the head* I am back! BOOM, POW, BANG, WALLOP, YEAH! Not, as Maddy pointed out on chat tonight, that I went anywhere. Not really. I have however […]

Keep breathing

That’s the key. Just keep breathing. It’s the same – this writing thing and the whole depression thing.  I have to keep breathing. Get through the next day, get through the next hour, get through the next few hundred words. Day 11 of NaNoWriMo is my least favourite day.  It’s the day where I realise […]

What I’m writing: Got there

Nope, there is not a digit missing. Last week I wrote about being sad and ripping up a novel and not having much else to show for the week bar an OKish word count. This week, despite the lack of words, things are much better. On Thursday I sat down and wrote the last 695 […]

What I’m Writing: Missing a goal

I can’t believe our linky is finally live after a month of planning. While Maddy is hosting this week, I get to gush about all the hard work she’s done. What a week! Maddy finalised the badge design and worked in some words to point people in the right direction. We tweeted like mad while […]