What I’m writing – The River of Rejection

I am not an artist. This is about as “arty” as I get and even this is a child’s eye view of the world with added pretention – the stars are my manuscripts, the river is self-explanitory, the stick figure is actually a very close representation of me… I’m working on my Julianne book from […]

What I’m writing – Plans

This is the last link up for 2014. Maddy is running it with her awesome skills, so visit her blog if you’d like to take part. It’s resolution time, isn’t it? That’s what happens this time of the year – you start to think that next year things will change. Your life will be better. […]

What I’m writing – Confused Muse

Maddy is hosting this week, so if you’re looking for a linky, you need to head to her blog. For the last couple of months (the time leading up to my eventual crash at the beginning of November) the inspiration for writing was definitely flowing. As well as those blog posts I was hammering out […]