What I’m writing – Unpredictability

On Friday, my eldest came out of the school waving a “ticket”. She handed it to me with pride and said ‘This is a ticket to [boy in my class – hitherto known as B]’s birthday party on Sunday.’ ‘That’s your handwriting.’ I said. ‘Yes. It’s a ticket I made to go to his birthday […]

The Prompt – mum and dad

There’s supermum And efficient mum And power mum And working mum And stay at home mum And part time mum And domestic mum And doing her best mum And trying hard mum And lonely mum And worried mum And that weird mum And smiley mum And sad mum And dad. Written for The Prompt


My lovely friend Aimee Horton has conquered her own fears and started a series of vlogs. The genius lies in the fact that these are about confidence. Writers are complicated creatures. We have every faith in ourselves to be able to write that next bestseller and yet we lack the confidence to begin. And then […]