Things I am doing when I should be writing my novel

Procrastination, WE LOVE IT! And what better way to share in the joy of procrastination than to give you all ways to procrastinate? So, here are some things you too could be doing while you’re supposed to be writing that novel: Blogging – Not really procrastination, but it gives us a chance to get all […]

What I’m writing – Musically nostalgic

First of all, Maddy is hosting this week over on her blog so if you’re looking to link up, pop over there. She’s also doing some clever things with limericks, but she may ask you to provide the illustrations. (Consider yourself warned.) Me? I’m still working on my NaNoWriMo novel. It’s going surprisingly well, considering […]

Being in love with music

I know that I have posted about playlists before, so I must have written about my relationship with music. It’s probably not too dissimilar from other people’s relationships with music: goes in the ears, chews on the brain a bit, produces some chemicals, makes you feel all gooey. I love that moment – THE MOMENT […]