Prose for Thought – Day 3

Not too great, accepted a fate, belly not good can’t eat food have a funny feeling rising to the ceiling raving in the kitchen this music has me itching massive adrenaline rush feel emotionally crushed, prickles on my neck scared, can sense panic drop to the floor, can’t take any more never had this before […]

The Prompt – Opposites attract

Overwhelmed by arrogance, a charmed and dashing smile, Gorgeous imperfection, shining for a mile. Energy and ambition, pushing yourself higher Leaving me below you, eternally the “trier”, Sparkling in the darkness, never a waning light, Brash in the daytime, whispers in the night, Heart beats racing faster, flushed by your attention, Proudly looking on as […]

Prose for thought – The internet poem

What did we do before the internet provided us with rhymes for that irritating couplet? How did we write such beautiful prose without the web helping us through woes? Why shouldn’t we use such a rich resource of words and insight, to aid our discourse? When will we see that the muse will arrive regardless […]