What I’m writing – GOALS!

After a spectacular failure to perform last week, I have been compelled to write a post (or at least attempt something) this week. First of all, the last couple of months haven’t bene the most kind for time/inspiration. I have managed to write a (now almost complete) first draft of something in very small bursts […]

What I’m writing – The River of Rejection

I am not an artist. This is about as “arty” as I get and even this is a child’s eye view of the world with added pretention – the stars are my manuscripts, the river is self-explanitory, the stick figure is actually a very close representation of me… I’m working on my Julianne book from […]

What I’m writing – being back

Boogey boogey. OH HELLO, looking GOOD there, self-confidence. Self-doubt, glad to see you’re back in your cage. Nice to see you again, self-worth. *Pats teeny-tiny suicidal thoughts on the head* I am back! BOOM, POW, BANG, WALLOP, YEAH! Not, as Maddy pointed out on chat tonight, that I went anywhere. Not really. I have however […]

What makes you happy?

I have been tagged by Beth (I think it’s because she knows I’m a miserable moo) so I’m going prove I do happy even though happy is such a vague word and such a transient state of mind. Still, if someone consistently makes you feel happiness, then they must make you happy, so I shall […]