What I’m writing – being back

Boogey boogey. OH HELLO, looking GOOD there, self-confidence. Self-doubt, glad to see you’re back in your cage. Nice to see you again, self-worth. *Pats teeny-tiny suicidal thoughts on the head* I am back! BOOM, POW, BANG, WALLOP, YEAH! Not, as Maddy pointed out on chat tonight, that I went anywhere. Not really. I have however […]

The Prompt – Smoke

It’s not like there was no screaming warning, No wisp of smoke from the dreaded fire burning. ‘I’m ill.’ I say, although without conviction. Its unlikely you’d tell anything from my diction. ‘Ok,’ he says ‘It will be a huge shame To see you go off, so if can name Some things we can do […]

Prose for Thought – Sertraline

With these pills you will probably get: disorientation, much more sweat, Nausea, sickness, diarrhoea, But soon you’ll be filled with drugged-up cheer. You might well experience sexual dysfunction But you’re depressed so you’ll have no compunction, Fainting, lightheadedness, low sodium levels You’ll be ok, though, just a bit dishevelled Your muscles might contract without help […]

A relationship with Harry Potter

We all want to be JK Rowling, don’t we? I mean to have created something so vast and sprawling and huge is phenomenal. There is no denying that people love Harry and Hogwarts so when my daughter brought home the Scholastic bookclub catalogue I was delighted to find that good old Harry box sets are […]

The Prompt – mistakes

I don’t deal well with death Not yours, anyway. You were distant, Not cold, like me. I checked to make sure you were ok, ok? You weren’t. You should have said, you know? You should have said. We should have known. Dedicated to him and those with an aching heart and linked to The Prompt

The romanticism of depression

Suffering from insomnia is never fun. I still haven’t found the answers to all the “biggies”: Why are we here? Where do we come from? God? Most nights I’m not thinking about questions though, I’m thinking about people. Extraordinary people who can’t see that they are extraordinary because they have depression. And anyone can get […]


I’ve had some time to think about pain, especially as I spent a few days bound to the sofa and dosed up on painkillers and antibiotics. My thoughts went from the different kinds of pain we feel through to thoughts about how we express and pain. I thought about pain tolerances and how these can […]