Things I am doing when I should be writing my novel

Procrastination, WE LOVE IT! And what better way to share in the joy of procrastination than to give you all ways to procrastinate? So, here are some things you too could be doing while you’re supposed to be writing that novel: Blogging – Not really procrastination, but it gives us a chance to get all […]

Being discouraged

This is something I’ve been thinking about over the weekend, specifically after there have been a few instances of “nope, this writing thing? That’s not something you can do. You’re not thinking the right way etc etc.” Completely coincidentally, an article about dream quashing appeared in my timeline which was quickly followed by a contentious […]

Keeping journals

Last week in her post for Wonderful World of Writing, Carol spoke about paper and doodling and it made me think. I don’t doodle enough. What’s even worse though is that paper has taken a back seat to my computers. And this is bad. I’ve been keeping paper journals since I was about 15. Within […]