Things I am doing when I should be writing my novel

Procrastination, WE LOVE IT! And what better way to share in the joy of procrastination than to give you all ways to procrastinate? So, here are some things you too could be doing while you’re supposed to be writing that novel: Blogging – Not really procrastination, but it gives us a chance to get all […]

Keep breathing

That’s the key. Just keep breathing. It’s the same – this writing thing and the whole depression thing.  I have to keep breathing. Get through the next day, get through the next hour, get through the next few hundred words. Day 11 of NaNoWriMo is my least favourite day.  It’s the day where I realise […]

The Tech Effect

I’m totally in love with tech and gadgetry. My house is full of the stuff we have accumulated over the years. I even have a gadget wishlist. Technology has changed the way we communicate with one another, and it’s not really until you think about the past that you realise that this is the case. […]

A relationship with Harry Potter

We all want to be JK Rowling, don’t we? I mean to have created something so vast and sprawling and huge is phenomenal. There is no denying that people love Harry and Hogwarts so when my daughter brought home the Scholastic bookclub catalogue I was delighted to find that good old Harry box sets are […]

Being discouraged

This is something I’ve been thinking about over the weekend, specifically after there have been a few instances of “nope, this writing thing? That’s not something you can do. You’re not thinking the right way etc etc.” Completely coincidentally, an article about dream quashing appeared in my timeline which was quickly followed by a contentious […]

Every swear helps

I had a particularly rubbish day last week. I cried and I don’t generally do crying. Then I remembered the art of swearing. I have read that swearing is linked to intelligence. It’s been suggested that people swear because they cannot stretch their brains to the capacity needed to express their emotions accurately. Bullpoop. I […]

Editing makes me drink all of the tea

Editing began properly on the accidentally edited novel. It has not been a painless process. Here are five things I’ve learned about editing my own work. 1. I have no idea how to start a novel. When I begin a first draft I chuck words on the page and hope for the best. I generally […]

A question of length

Or does size matter? I’m talking about word counts, obviously. One of the things that came from my contribution to this week’s linky was that some people felt that they couldn’t write 50,000 words and that my word count targets were admirable. I’ve never really thought of my output as particularly high, since I spend […]

Keeping journals

Last week in her post for Wonderful World of Writing, Carol spoke about paper and doodling and it made me think. I don’t doodle enough. What’s even worse though is that paper has taken a back seat to my computers. And this is bad. I’ve been keeping paper journals since I was about 15. Within […]