What I’m writing – Time

This week I’ve been taking a lot of time out. The last two nights have been lost to Minecraft – my way of switching off. My productivity has had less burst, but I still seem to be way ahead of the targets for 100k in 100 days. It feels a bit counterintertuitive to write in […]

What I’m Writing – Learning to read

This week it’s Maddy’s turn to host again, so if you’re looking to link up your own fab stuff, head over to writing bubble where she’ll be doing all of the hard work and generally being fantastic. Means I get to laze here. And laze is what I’ve done. For The Prompt last Friday we […]


Last week, the washing machine started to make a loud noise during the spin cycle. When I say loud, I don’t mean “Oh, it squeaked a bit.” I mean it shouted out its death throes like a Shakespearian actor trying to steal the show. Then the door stopped locking and when then door doesn’t lock, […]

How to win at NaNoWriMo

You could, if you wanted to, copy and paste 50,000 (or your chosen target for this challenge) random letters into the validation tool at the end of the month. It would give you a win, but you’d really only be cheating yourself. When I did my first November NaNoWriMo back in 2011 (all those years […]