What I’m writing – when it doesn’t work out

I’ve fallen in love. Again. Not music, nor a person (thank goodness), nor a cat (much to He-Who-Shouts-while-playing-Unreal-Tournament’s delight), but with a mug this time. Yep. A mug Read it. Take it in. Breathe in the reality and depth of those words… printed on A FUCKING MUG. So that’s my new thing – Living the […]

What I’m writing – Happy birthday to me

I am old. Well, I’m older today than I was yesterday because today it is my birthday. Yay me. I like to pretend I don’t like people knowing about my birthday but the truth is that I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen for around a month now (maybe possibly longer…) Strangers in the pub, check. […]

#theprompt – To be a novelist

My post about being a dabbler is possibly one of my favourite things I’ve written in a long time so I’m going to expand on that and jot down some things you can expect once you start putting pen to paper: Expect imposter syndrome to kick you in the face. Repeatedly. With hobnail boots on. […]