The aspiring writer and I


Before we go any further with this post, I want to make something clear:

I really dislike the term “aspiring writer.”

We do not aspire to write. If we have written something, we are writers.

Do we really need some kind of validation of our work before we can say we are writers?

I’ve spent a long time thinking about this (instead of writing) and I think it’s time we cut through that aspiring crap and came out and admitted it.

You write? You’re a writer. That’s it.

You can be other things too. I compose music and am a bit of a geek about music theory. This makes me a musician. I don’t question that title.

I have three kids. I created and birthed them. I take care of them and love them with everything I have. I am a mother. I don’t question this one either.

The only time you can be an aspiring writer is that short and painful period before you actually get something down on paper. You are then in your aspirational phase. As soon as you have words, you’re a writer.

In case you hadn’t noticed, this blog is changing. It’s been through a lot, has old Muddled Manuscript, beginning with somewhere to dump all my musings where I simply hid all the negative posts. Then I deleted all the thoughts and began using this as a place to flex my muscles with short fiction and poetry. Great, but I was still blogging elsewhere about this novel or that book, and it just felt as though the time had come to merge it all and make a proper go of it.

This is the outcome. This blog has aspirations and I have expectations.

This isn’t a writing advice site. There are tips, of course. Writers love talking about writing (anything to avoid actually doing it!) but none of it is advice. I have no writing qualifications, and no accolades. All I have is a few years writing unpublished novels, a short stint as an editor for self-published novels, an even shorter stint writing articles for internet companies and a few NaNoWriMo wins.

Nevertheless, I like to see people do their best because that pushes me to do my best, so what I aim to do here is inspire and encourage you to stop thinking about being an aspiring writer and be confident in saying “I am a writer.”

5 thoughts on “The aspiring writer and I

  1. Great post, and you’ve summed it all up so well. I also dislike the term ‘aspiring writer’ makes it sound all so try hard… sounds like you’re doing pretty well to me 🙂

    1. Yes! Try-hard is definitely ho it sounds. I think it’s a bit condescending too because the definition of success on art is different for everyone, so it’s unlikely you will ever reach the pinnacle of your aspirations. X

  2. I totally agree! To me ‘aspiring writer’ sounds completely lacking in confidence. If we daren’t even call ourselves writers despite the fact that we write then how can we ever expect anyone else to take us seriously as writers?! Also, I’m glad you’ve combined your blogs, I think it gives a more complete picture of you as a writer. It’s good to be brave and not hide stuff in different blogs x

    1. Thank you. Good point about not being taken seriously. Other artists don’t get frowned upon when they say they’re creating, but writers seem to get that knowing yet pitying look.
      I’m glad I have merged the blogs too. Seems I have a lot to say about the world in general and how it affects us. The blog hop post is incoming. Did not have time today to put the finishing touches on it. Must get on top of that. X

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