The Prompt – Seasons


Not a sudden change
A subtle rearrange
And a colour exchange
Red, yellow, orange,
We come undone
We once were one
Rain second to none
Eclipsing the sun

As we grow older
Your touch grows bolder
And I get much colder
Our lives should have told a
Story of seasons
A myriad of reasons
A shower of feelings
Without any meanings.

Written for The Prompt


10 thoughts on “The Prompt – Seasons

  1. I love the first three lines of this, and agree there is a tinge of sadness in this too. Am always so impressed by how you put several rhyming lines together – I struggle sometimes just to do couplets! Love this poem – capturing the changes and the slight melancholy that comes with autumn so beautifully.

    1. Thank you. Online rhyming dictionaries are my cheat-sheet. It was the first couple of lines that really sparked this off, so I’m really chuffed that they work well x

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