#theprompt – To be a novelist

My post about being a dabbler is possibly one of my favourite things I’ve written in a long time so I’m going to expand on that and jot down some things you can expect once you start putting pen to paper:

Expect imposter syndrome to kick you in the face. Repeatedly. With hobnail boots on.

Expect confidence to decide to spend 51 weeks of every year sunning itself somewhere you aren’t

Expect people to think what you’re doing is easy. Because thinking and splurging that on a page can’t possibly be hard. Especially when you’ve spent months planning and agonising and researching. Then once it’s down you’ll have to spend months or years ripping it up again until it’s just right. Easy.

Expect people to think you’re a slacker or don’t have a “proper job”. Bleeding words and emotions on to a page is simple (see above) and it doesn’t count as a job if you enjoy it and it doesn’t pay a wage. Obvs. *Eye roll*

writing and working
Me having a proper job

Expect to hate what you’ve written. Then love it. Then hate it again. Then maybe love it.

love hate
Love this kitty

Expect to hear about other people’s novels. Especially ones that they “don’t have time to write.”

Expect to procrastinate. Your house will become spotless when you’re in the midst of a novel right after…

The time of no brain-space – expect to have every waking moment consumed by characters or storylines.

Expect to have broken sleep due to being woken up by excellent ideas (which you’ll forget first thing in the morning.)

Expect to fill notebooks with neurosis.


Get yourself a loving and supportive community and dig yourself in. We’re all where you are.

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  1. The ideas in the middle of the night, not writing them down, and forgetting them by morning thing drives me insane (although the same can happen in the two minutes it takes me to find a pen…). And of course writing is easy, ha! Love this, thanks so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x

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