Things I am doing when I should be writing my novel

My Eve Online Mining Barge
My Eve Online Mining Barge
Procrastination, WE LOVE IT! And what better way to share in the joy of procrastination than to give you all ways to procrastinate?

So, here are some things you too could be doing while you’re supposed to be writing that novel:

Blogging – Not really procrastination, but it gives us a chance to get all those thoughts out of our heads. If we want to say something that isn’t part of the novel but is related to the novel, this is the place to do it. Where else can you talk about whatever you like and then have it instantly available to everyone in the world?

Collecting – I love collecting information. This is part of the whole “research” thing, but I tend to extend that term to cover things outside of the current WIP. Ways of doing this include going to Facebook or Twitter and clicking on any Buzzfeed articles which may be of interest at some point in the future (Oh dear.)

Thinking – Day-dreaming, staring out of a window, people-watching, napping. All of these things are classed as thinking. I like to be right in my novel when I write it, so I do a lot of “thinking” about where I need to be.

Dissecting storylines – Ah ha, yes. This is something I’ve been doing more and more of recently, especially as there are some Disney favourites in this house. I’ve found some wonderful arguments about the characters in Frozen which I may blog one day.

Watching videos of cats – Ahem. Definitely required.

Playing Minecraft/Eve – There are a lot of similarities between the immersion you get from a video game (which has a high gratification level) and a story line where you need to be to think like your character. I find that Minecraft in particular always gets the right things connected in my head and I often use it to realign myself if I need time to properly think.

Picking out playlists – Music is brain-food for me, I can’t get enough, so when I’m low on inspiration I create a playlist to get me back on track. Playlists take days to create, don’t you know?

Do you have routines for your procrastination?

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5 thoughts on “Things I am doing when I should be writing my novel

  1. I’m doing some great procrastination right now as it happens – going back and forth between inbox and FB feed till something interesting pops up! And ‘thinking’ is a major hobby of mine – especially thinking that involves sleep. Also looking for lovely homeware items on line. On which note, I should get back to browsing for cushions! xx

  2. My favourite procrastination tool of the moment is Candy Crush. “I’ll just have 5 minutes, then I’ll DEFINITELY get stuck in!”… until hubby comes home from work. Then I’ll have a cuppa with him, then there’ll be the washing to sort out, pottering around and… oh is THAT the time already?! 😉 Where would we be without procrastinating eh Chrissie?… Thanks for linking up to #WonderfulWorldofWriting 🙂

    1. Haha, I’ve never got into those things but I can see why they’re addictive (I’m an MMORPG player and have been hanging out on Eve Online a lot recently).
      We would be a lot more productive without procrastination but we wouldn’t have such high scores and such great hand-eye coordination 🙂 x

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