What I’m writing – GOALS!

After a spectacular failure to perform last week, I have been compelled to write a post (or at least attempt something) this week.


First of all, the last couple of months haven’t bene the most kind for time/inspiration. I have managed to write a (now almost complete) first draft of something in very small bursts and I have been working on some blog posts for another blogging project I’m toying with (nothing definite yet!) I started a new project by accident yesterday which has already got a thumbs up so I’ll hopefully be well into that by Christmas. Things are moving, just maybe not in the way that they should be. Drifting is more like it.

AS I’m in a much better head space than I’ve been for a couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about goals and what mine actually are. Where do I want to be and how do I want to get there? Being able to see things with some clarity has helped me in attempting to define some questions to ask myself:

What do I want from the blog?

What do I want from writing in general?

Do I have any goals (long-term/medium/short-term)?

Is there anything I should be investing in to help my cause?

(I really like the way they make a little pyramid. Cute, huh?)

These questions are slowly forming the cornerstone of my writing plans. It would be OK if I just wanted to write for the pleasure of writing, and nearly every blogger who writes says this at some point, but if we’re all honest with ourselves (and I mean really honest) we all want some recognition and validation. Some acceptance and the confirmation that the work we have put into our books, our beloved is worth it.


As part of this exercise of exploration, I’ve been opening myself up to the idea that anything is possible. I’ve watched my friends hit success after success because they’ve worked for it and as a result, I’ve realised that there’s no reason why that can’t be me (or you!) I still don’t have answers for the questions, but for now, the questions are enough.

What are your writing goals? Do you have short-term milestones to aim for?

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10 thoughts on “What I’m writing – GOALS!

  1. I’ve been asking similar questions over here! I think in the short term my writing goals are to get some poems published in literary magazines, and begin revision of something I wrote years ago. Being open to possibility is a great attitude, you never know where it will take you!

    1. Good luck! What sort of poetry do you write?
      I started the year saying yes to more things and so far it’s working well 🙂

  2. At the moment my only goal is to find more time to write for myself! I spend a lot of time writing for clients, which I love, but now that my son has started school I need to work out a schedule that gives me some personal writing time at least once a week. My goal is to get into that groove next month. Good luck defining your goals, and with reaching them!

    1. Yes, personal writing time is important. Even more so if you write for work too.
      I’m still asking questions right now and the answers are hazy but they’re coming!

  3. I wrote a comment but it told me I timed out and wouldn’t post it! So I’m setting myself the new goal of typing this faster. My goal is to work out how on earth to prioritise all my different goals in order to actually achieve some of them! I love (envy) how you manage to write a whole first draft in a time/inspiration poor period – that’s some serious skillz. I remember you had a goal to self publish a book this year? I know it got sidetracked by the job but I I’d love to see you do it. Next year maybe? xx

    1. I’m bad at prioritisation too. I want everything and I want it all yesterday! The draft is terrible. It’s possibly one of the worst things I’ve written. Thankfully, I’ve used the drier spell to plan out some bits and got hit with some new inspiration the other day.
      Yeah, it would have been nice to have self-published this year. Used work as an excuse but it was mainly fear and laziness. Ah well. Xx

  4. Okay, mine timed out too! So, I’ll be briefer 🙂 I’m asking myself a lot of the same questions, and now that I have mornings child free I hope to start answering them! And, you are absolutely right, validation is hugely important. Good luck with finding your answers x

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