What I’m writing – Oh, shiny!

Last week was not productive at all. The past couple of weeks have been like this mainly because things in my real life took a bit of a winding twist due to my “Say Yes to Stupid Shit” mantra.

I did manage to spew out exactly 4000 words on Saturday night using my Bluetooth keyboard and my smartphone, which came a bit of a surprise, so I’ve obviously had to use this as justification to buy myself (or have bought for me) a new shiny.


I’m a gadget addict. I love them and I love reading about them. I think we’ve all tackled the pen and paper versus technology before and I’ve never had any qualms about expressing my love for my phone and Evernote, so it may come as no surprise that after a rough couple of weeks and a spot by the Better Half that I persuaded him that I needed to get another (I know – I’ve already admitted I have a problem) tablet.

This one is a bit different to our other finds. Most of the tech we’ve played with in the tablet department has been of the Android variety as they’ve been the cheapest and most cheerful. Years ago, I gave up my Windows PC in favour of my tablet fetish and then realised I needed a Windows machine to do all the things I need to do (run Scrivener mainly, and ping stuff. Oh, how I’ve missed ping). I eventually gave in to peer pressure and bought a Windows laptop two years ago. It wasn’t particularly cheap and I got a lot of use out of it, but it still wasn’t what I was looking for. Having used it until the battery gave out, I went back to my trusty keyboard and phone combination until this…
Oh, this.

Yes, I’m writing on it now and I intend to do quite a bit of hammering away on it tonight.

It’s a Linx 8 – a £90 tablet with a full Windows desktop (and a great review from Eurogamer). I have to say that so far I’m pretty impressed. It’s speedy, it’s connected up to our wifi and my bluetooth keyboard with no issues. I’ve loaded it up with a few apps and apart from my clumsy fingers managing to compress some of my Evernote notebooks together (ffs) it’s brought me a lot of smiles so far. I did buy a special keyboard and case combination to go with it (for £7.49!) but the kids managed to get their paws on it and trash it before I had a chance to use it. However, it still works well as a stand so it’s in the pic anyway.

linx 81

It’s a cheap setup for on-the-go writing and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be able to type away while not really looking at the screen so it doesn’t matter about the size of the font. If you’ve purchased Scrivener for Windows, you’ll be able to run it on this little baby through the desktop (Probably not suitable for huge documents though – it does slow down quite a bit) and it’ll happily multitask like any other Windows box. In fact, it looks so good I keep forgetting it’s actually a tablet!

Writing and procrastination
Writing and procrastination

I’m hoping it will inspire me to beat the 4000 words I managed to hack out at the weekend and get this 100k in 100 days back on the right track.

I’ll keep using it and we’ll see if it stands up to my routine of 180bpm, Evernote and drivel most evenings. For £90 for Windows 8.1, Office 365 and access to a (teeny) desktop, I’m not sure it could be wrong (Yes, apart from the whole “it’s Windows” thing.)

What’s your weapon of choice when it comes to writing?

DISCLAIMER: This post has not been sponsored by any of the companies mentioned above. It is a post purely about my excitement at having a full desktop on an 8″ screen and showing off my favourite writing facilitators.

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14 thoughts on “What I’m writing – Oh, shiny!

  1. Well done on your 4000 words hon, amazing! I love that keyboard and the new tablet sounds Fab. I bought mine at Easter time last year and cite it as the main reason I was able to get my book written. Hope things have now calmed down xx

    1. Thank you. They’re excellent gadgets, aren’t they? I’ve had a few now and either passed them on or used them to death. X

  2. I do like my gadgets too if I’m honest. This sounds great fun, er I mean extremely useful and practical….I have an iPad which I bought with some inheritance money and I have to say I absolutely love it. Can’t manage without it. It means I can write anywhere and make those 10 minutes count. Well done on the 4000 words too x

    1. My iPad is too delicate ans expensive to be put near destructo-kids so a cheap and cheerful tablet suits me fine for quick writing sessions. iPads are really nice to write on. For the ten minutes while on the school run (like now…) I use my phone.

  3. considering the week you’ve had I think 4000 words is a great achievement! It’s about…um… 4000 words more than I’ve written this week (on anything other than blogposts) so go you! I’ve been wondering about a keyboard for my ipad – would make it much more useable as I find touch screens pretty much impossible for anything other than the odd text or FB comment. Hope you have a better week this week. xx

    1. Thank you. I hope once all the stuff is cleared up to be able to drop into some kind of routine with the writing, although 4k isn’t bad going for one session. The problem I have is with binging. I write a huge amount of words in one night and then nothing. What I would like is more consistency in my habit. Touch screens are funny creatures. You soon get used to using them but theyre definitely slower than a keyboard combo. X

  4. 4000 words is a good achievement, but any excuse to get a new gadget eh?! I can write on my iPad using iWriter, but if I am sitting and writng for longer periods of time, I take my net book computer. It’s not great if you want to go on line, but I don’t use it for that, so it works fine for me.

    1. That’s a good combination. I like my Macbook for longer periods of writing. It’s so heavy though and there are far too many distractions!

  5. 4,000 words? In one night? wow. That’s brilliant. It sounds like you’re rather excited about your new shiny! Go you, I hope it keeps you going. 🙂

    I do most of my writing on my iMac, its large screen and bluetooth keyboard means I can sit comfortably and see everything I need to. I can immerse myself in the writing and blank out everything else (I love the compose feature on Scrivener).

    1. Ah ha. Scrivener on a Mac is different to Scrivener on Windows. I have yet to give it a go on Mac. It looks more pretty there.
      Today has been lacking shiny action and tonight I have a small amount of work to do so I doubt I’ll get a chance to expand things further.

  6. I love the disclaimer! That looks like a very handy (and bargain) gadget, and anything which helps with your word count has to be good. I used an ancient laptop for a long time which was hard work. Now I’m inseparable from my MacBook Air, it’s light, never overheats, the battery lasts forever and I’ve always been a Mac fan. It’s not cheap but I’ve probably already got my money’s worth considering how often I use it.

    1. I love Macbook Airs. I had one for work a few years ago and opted to upgrade to the retina pro. Love that too but it’s heavy and I’m conscious that it’s expensive. This gadget seems to be playing ball at the moment. Hardware is all so disposible now that a real test would be to see how it performs in a year. My mum has my 2012 nexus 7 and it’s still going strong.

  7. I have been completely suckered in by Apple when it comes to gadgets… I write most of my blog posts on my iPad, but when it comes to working on the novel I have got very attached to sitting at my desk with my iMac – I find I need the big screen to get really immersed in my writing, and it definitely helps to be able to look past it to the sea when I need a bit of brain clearing… Yours sounds like a great set-up too though – I think as Arthur grows up, and especially if we follow through on our plan for another baby at some point, I’m going to need to get a bit more flexible about when I write. I just need Scrivener to hurry up and create something for the iPad! x

    1. I’m on the Mac tonight. I spent all night last night on the new tablet though. I think I’m in love!
      Scrivener is the reason I purchased the tablet, actually. It’s the only piece of software I use which requires a specific operating system (I bought the Windows version many years ago when I only had a windows machine.) I haven’t opened anything too substantial on it yet, but I’ve had a quick play and it seems to work. Apparently Novlr is a similar thing but it’s all online.
      I tend to use Evernote or our NAS so I can access it wherever. Occasionally there will be something I need – I’ve found at a pinch you can use WordPress as a dumping ground. x

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