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One of the things I used to get all the time when I spoke about my first draft fetish was “I would love to write a novel. I have this idea…”

That’s great. I mean that’s really great. An idea is the starting point for a novel. Without an idea, you’re screwed. You gotta have something (I have nothing…) Before you can even begin to think about writing a novel.

A few weeks ago, I gave the first 2K OF SOMETHING I had been rehashing for months to Maddy to read, not thinking it was at its peak and still with no idea about how the story is going to progress (the first draft was extremely rough and ready). Maddy came back saying that she loved the scene and it totally captured the emotion for that particular event. I must admit that I was surprised. I had all but given up on that book, especially as it continued to haunt me for months until I realised it’s just unfathomable and finally let it rest.

Then, after deciding that I wasn’t going to do nanowrimo this month, I have read a lot and followed that up with adding a small chunk of words to the fantasy thing I started a year ago. I read it through first and realised that there are bits in there that must have been written by my “genius mind”, that moment you’re in the zone and its not forced any more and everything just flows, because some of it… Some of it sounds like it’s been written by someone proper. Some of it doesn’t feel or read like the kind of thing an amateur would write using snatched time while feeding a small child, or while in bed sick, or when on holiday from work. Some of it reads like the work of a person who does this all the time and properly which is a complete confidence boost. Of course, there is an awful lot of cruft between the good bits. Waffle and badly worded sentences, OMG the typos and continuity errors and the like, but the overall effect is that it’s not terrible. It’s not this huge scary monster I thought it was and that led me back to thinking that perhaps I should finish this first part and have done with it. There probably another 20k in there because, you know, dragons. So I should get and written them, be with them, destroy the universe I created and suck it up.

Then on to book 2, perhaps?

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9 thoughts on “What I’m writing – Ready

  1. Love your honesty here hon. Tbh it’s what puts me off NaNo… Like everything else in life it seems to be for the folk wirh loads of spare time on their hands… You know, the opposite of us!! Glad you’re all fired up about the 2k words you showed Maddy, she’s got good taste that one. Look forward to hearing more xx

    1. Thank you. Nano is hard work but very rewarding. I just didn’t have the space for it this time round. You should give it a go though, just for the moments of genius xx

  2. I’m glad my comments have made you re-think abandoning that novel! It really is a fab scene! It sounds like no NANO has given you space to do other things and it’s great that you’ve realised you DO have talent! Looking forward to reading about the dragons at some point. xx

  3. I liked that about nano – how you get in the zone and end up writing occasional bits of wowness around the rest of the crap. It’s good that you’ve gone back to one of yours and considered working on it. I can’t wait to get my teeth into the one I did last November. Hopefully I will do something with it before the next one comes around, as I would like to do it again.

  4. Oh yes, I recognise the feeling of reading something and thinking ‘gosh, this is actually not bad’ swiftly followed by the sinking feeling as you realise it’s surrounded by gumpf. But it’s good to feel fired up. I’ve never asked anyone other than close family to read my stuff so it will be a big step to actually send it out there-I hope I get some feedback that fires me up to continue too x

  5. It’s really rewarding when you get one of those ‘I can do this!’ moments. They’re often outweighed by the ‘I can’t do this ones’, so it’s great to make the most of them when you get them. Good luck with the next stage and book 2! x

  6. That’s great to hear Chrissie! The thing is anyone can have an idea, but to turn an idea into something? That’s the hard part. Looking at old projects can be a scary thought (I did this recently too) but I love that you’ve found bits you like! Good luck with it hun. xx

  7. I have never done Nanowrimo, I do no think it would be for me… Great that Maddy’s comments made you re-consider your decision and good luck with it! xx
    PS: starting Book Two of my trilogy tomorrow… 😉

  8. Love those genius moments! I hope you’ve been able to make the most of all that positivity this week 🙂 I am soooo far behind on EVERYTHING, but determined to catch up a bit today… Xx

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