What I’m writing – Sneaky sneak


Can I sneak back here?
While I have the fear
Can I be back on the blogging scene?
I’m worried about being seen
Maybe hide in the background
and watch while I mess around
finding my unsteady feet,
like Bambi in that movie.

Words are knocked from my digits
Unable to begin it
at the end or the middle
like it’s a twisted riddle.
Don’t read this work;
This extended lurk.
let everyone else take the light
while I swallow my own posts whole.

Writing Bubble

11 thoughts on “What I’m writing – Sneaky sneak

  1. I think most writers are introverts burning with a desire to say something but terrified in case someone hears it. There’s no hurry; don’t put pressure on yourself. Just keep writing it down and share it when you feel able to.

  2. I need to sneak out really as I spend far too much time writing blogs and not enough time developing my fiction. Best procrastination tactic ever, particularly fraught filled & time consuming when some posts do well and others do nothing for no apparent reason whatsoever! Welcome back!

    1. I have constant fiction ideas. Far too many for one person’s lifetime really. Getting them out of first draft us where I fall over.
      Blogging is a fickle business, isn’t it?

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