What I’m writing – Trying to make a change

It was definitely an interesting summer. I wouldn’t say good as such. Nothing got written, words were not forthcoming. Life just carried on without a thought about being an author, or a writer, or anything much really. It just kind of carried on.

In the middle of August, our big ginger tom (called Thomas) got run over. Well, we think. He came home after our neighbour found his collar. He was bleeding from the nose and mouth and his tail was limp. He made a horrid gasping noise and we had no idea what happened.

He was also not insured.

Over the next few (very tense and expensive) days, we found out he had dislocated his tail at his lower vertebrae, cracked his soft palate from front to back, and broken his nose.

We figured he had his tail run over and went to snap at the car with his teeth, breaking his nose and ripping at his tail. He’s a lucky cat. Nerve damage was extremely limited and although he lost his tail (it had to be amputated) he’s now recovering well and pretty much back to his normal self. He can’t wait to go back outside and start terrorising the pigeons and mice and squirrels and anything else he can get hold of.

He's so snuggly
He’s so snuggly

Why am I telling you about my cat? Because he’s a family pet and we love him and his sister dearly. Also, though, something struck me about him throughout his whole ordeal.

He was so placid. He purred and rolled over when he was clearly in pain before the cat-morphine hit on that  first night. He purred the next day when he still couldn’t close his mouth and his nose was spread across his face. He cuddled up when the children came to visit him and when we offered tickles, he always took them gratefully.

On his first nights home he cried for us to be with him and even though he was uncomfortable and unhappy he wanted us to stroke him and he with him. He was calm and relaxed through everything. He’s such a beautiful cat and that’s part of it. That’s what makes him so lovable.

One of his first nights at back home after the accident
One of his first nights at back home after the accident

And I realised that there are simple things I can change to make myself more calm and relaxed and better at coping with pain or disaster.

So I went online and I found a goal based journal. And now I’m doing that. I’m doing it to make a change and to make sure I get things done. I’ve made it about the writing rather than work and I’m writing things I’m grateful for both morning and night, sandwiching my day in positivity. I already feel more hopeful and less depressed. I feel like I’m finally taking control instead of just going along with what other people say. I’ve watched so many of my very talented writery friends make their mark and even though I’m proud of them, I want my turn!

But life isn’t going to hand me this glory just because I want it. I have to work for it. I have to actually sit down and get something ready, send it out, publish it, whatever. Take each criticism as a point to be learned for the next novel or non-fiction book or whatever I choose to write.

So now I’m editing a second draft. I’m looking at pacing and trying to figure out where the story should start and whether it needs more here or less there. I can’t say it’s the easiest thing I’ve done but by the beginning of December, I will have a novel worth submitting.

How’s that for commitment?

All of the editing tools
All of the editing tools
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12 thoughts on “What I’m writing – Trying to make a change

  1. Go you! Sounds like a plan.

    Our big ginger cat was terribly, expensively, ill over the holidays too. He’s insured, but the insurers are being pernickity. Apparently cats do purr when they’re in pain. Katsuma is not a purrer, but he purred during the crisis. I’m glad he’s still alive for however long we’ve got (he’s now been diagnosed with heart disease). It’s made me focus on the importance of being together too. And accentuating the positive.

    I hope your gorgeous cat continues to do well. And I hope you achieve your December deadline.

    1. Thank you 🙂
      Sorry to read about your kitty. They really worm their way into the family don’t they. He has an awesome name, btw, I kinda wish we’d thought of it! Thomas is a strong boy. He’s only 2.5 years old and he’s really tough so he’ll be fine; a bit sulky, but fine.

  2. Yes, yes and yes! Cliche as it is, we do have to seize the day! I realized that the journey as a writer is a long and hard one but what makes it bearable is finding likeminded friends along the way.

    1. He’s cool. Getting along with no tail. Doesn’t bother him. He’s slightly miffed because we won’t let him go outside but they are allowed in one of the bedrooms now which kind of makes up for it. Time to calm down, let go and start being positive!

    1. Not sure about nano. Have a huge event starting for work at the end of November which is going to be intense so I don’t think I’m going to have time. Just focusing on the writing for now. Are you doing nano?

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your cat, but glad he’s on the mend. It’s great, though, that you can find the positivity in the situation. Sometimes these things can help to remind us of the important things in life, and to steer us towards our goals. All the best with the novel. M x

  4. I love that goal – brilliant! Glad Thomas is on the mend – we always had pets when I was growing up (though we’re currently a pet free house) so I know how much a part of the family they become. I think it’s lovely the way you’ve been inspired by him. Good luck with the edits, I’m sure you’ll get there! Thanks for linking to #WhatImWriting xxx

  5. I saw the pics of your cat on IG, not very good for him or you, but glad he is on the mend. Animals have a way of reminding you what’s important don’t they? Your goal based journal sounds positive, and I’m all for gratitude, being one who recognises the dark side. You are making steps forward though and it sounds like they are definitely making a difference. Keep going and stay strong. xx

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