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A daily word count might not be important to some writers. Just the act of sitting down to write with life trying to steam roller you is sometimes an achievement in itself.

I’m driven by word counts. This is why nanowrimo pushes me. My word counts are inconsistent though, which means I was almost certainly doomed to fail 100k in 100 days as soon as I set off. This doesn’t mean that I won’t attempt it again; these exercises are good for accumulating the massive amount of crap necessary to be able to dig out a gem, but I know that keeping this kind of goal is a big stretch for me.

I saw this in one of the groups on Facebook and found the emphasis on word count interesting. Even more interesting though are the comments from the authors themselves. It seems that maybe word counts are not as important as the ability to find time and prioritise writing daily, regardless of other commitments.

Recently, I’ve been dabbling with two projects (neither of which are the fantasy novel… Writing fantasy is hard.) The intention was to enter competitions but they are both dragging me in surprising directions, although unsurprisingly my feminism is showing the more words I pen.

The word count is mounting up so the next step is writing daily, then I’ll be famous, yes?

How often do you write? Do you worry about your word count more than how often you sit down to write?

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10 thoughts on “What I’m writing – wordcounts

  1. Ahhh I’m totally in the first camp, finding the time is hard… I’m at my most creative in the morning and when I get to sit down finally (like now) all my inspiration has left me and I’m ready for bed. Yes really, at 8pm! Ho hum. Plus I’m very easily distracted by emails and new blog posts like this ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Procrastination ;-). Just catching up now with some bits and was about ready for bed a couple of hours ago, haha. I’ve already written a couple of hundred words today so I’m going easy on myself. x

    1. I find writing every day really hard work so I bunch it all together. Of course, this means there are inconsistencies all over the place in the things I write, but that’s OK for first drafts. Did it take you long to get into a habit?

  2. I love that link! I’ve pinned it now. Yes when I’m in a writing phase word counts are very important to me. I put in a rough deadline a few months on the future and then aim for a set number of words each day (usually between 1,000 and 2,000). It helps motivate me. I’m sure you’ll be famous when those books are out there! : )

    1. I saw that link reappear on Facebook today :P. Still an awesome link. Love that you can set targets for yourself like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I was more interested in large word counts when I was writing my novel. Now my focus is on picture books, word count is a whole different thing! That’s a really interesting link and it’s good (less intimidating) to see that actually many of the writers don’t write THAT many words a day. It’s all about finding the time though isn’t it? – that’s sometimes a bigger challenge than finding the words. Bet you’ll be famous one day! xx

    1. Yes! Time is a pain in the butt, especially at the moment. I’d love to be able to find time to do all of it – and sadly the blog and commenting is lacking (sorry) due to other commitments. I’ll come back though. It’s all about phasing. x

  4. I loved that whole word count thing when doing Nano but it doesn’t work in normal everyday life. If I sit down to write two or three times a week I’m happy because usually it means I’ve carved out some time to get a decent amount of words on paper. I can write better in the mornings (once the caffeine has kicked in). I have a funny book about the writing habits of famous writers. It’s called Daily Rituals. Many of the greats were regularly drunk or on drugs when they wrote their best work!

    1. That seems to be a trend, doesn’t it? I write most of my stuff when I’m off my face tired, so it kind of makes sense. If I drank while writing, I could just pass out on the keyboard.

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