#Whatimwriting October Round-up


OK, I’m late with it- Maddy did a super-efficient job last month with the round-up and I’ve just been slacking. As the saying goes, though, better late than never, so here is the round-up of posts from October.

The revision process seems to be a huge focus right now. Katia shared part 4 of the rewrite of her novel. Mummy tries has edged closer and closer to the end of her book, and has had cover designed ready. Sophie got nearer to the end of her second draft. Emily discussed when it becomes about something more than the writing and about that horrid feeling of self-doubt that settles in right when you should be feeling the most positive about your book as she too thinks aboout handing her book over to her editor.

It seems that Emily was not alone in the self-doubt stakes last month, with Maddy, and Iona feeling those horrid demons creeping in. Sara began to find her peace with being a writer and we saw another side of her as she dabbled in some fiction.

Morgan and Sophie were both being pulled in new directons by darker characters, which had can be both exciting and terrifying, especially when they make you explore the more hidden parts of yourself. It’s not always a bad journey to take, this self-exploraton, and Carol discovered some new things about her project while learning new skills.

In order to be able to write well, you have to read well, and Nikki took a look at whether this was fact or fiction (see what I did?), while Emily asked whether we should be doing more writing with a pen rather than at the keyboard.

A lot of posts came out about focus, with Sadie coming back into the game after being poorly, Sophie taking time out in London, Mummy Tries taking an enforced time out, Maddy stepping away from blogging for a week, Morgan taking a break for half term, Iona talking about entering the Mumsnet competition and Plasticrosaries sharing her plan for the upcoming month…

And now we are into November, the month of NaNoWriMo, so I’m going to go back to frantically bashing the keyboard hoping for something at least partly coherent! I know I managed to convince Nikki to join me after her post asking whether you can write a novel in a month.

See you on Tuesday for another #whatimwriting and thank you all for joining in, sharing and making a safe, friendly and encouraging community. Maddy and I couldn’t have asked for more.

15 thoughts on “#Whatimwriting October Round-up

  1. Thanks so much for doing a great round up and including all our links. It is hard work to put something like this together and I know your writing time is prescious at the moment.

    1. Gave me a break actually. I’ve really enjoyed doing the linky and seeing what people are doing or thinking about. Great to find some similar minds, too.

  2. Well done for putting this together – I know how much work it takes! It’s lovely to see how much was discussed and how far we all came in a month! xx

    1. Isn’t it? Lots of different topics. There were more too but I couldn’t get them to fit in. The posts were all brilliant. X

  3. Awesome round up lovely! I really look forward to my book updates, and interacting with all the others writers that have come together through this fab linky. Great work ladies xxx

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